Body by Vi

Body by Vi reviews

Body by ViBody by Vi is trademark ’90 day guaranteed weight loss’ product of the company, Visalus Sciences. Visalus Sciences, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is a health and wellness network marketing company. Visalus founders are Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen. While many Visalus sciences reviews claim that the company was founded in late 1990s, the Better Business Bureau reveals that it was initiated in 2005. The firm claims to provide a vision of support and assistance to people by improving their health and giving them a perfect opportunity to become entrepreneurs.

What is body by vi?
The Body by Vi challenge comes in type of five kits. Each kit contains products with the consideration of the customers’ health and daily exercises . The company offers these product kits within a competitive price range starting from just $49 to $299 monthly. The product kit generally contains a set of nutritional meals and snacks for thirty days. You have to replace either one or two your meals by these meals and snacks. The most costly kit is for athletes, while the most recommended is their transformation kit priced at $249/month. Their referral system is very good wherein you will get your product free if you sponsor any three of your acquaintances. There is also a reward program wherein you can win prizes worth twenty five million USD.

Body by Vi ingredients:
Visalus mainly focuses on providing weight loss solutions. All their products are FDA approved and 100% effective. Major body by vi shake ingredients are Milk and soy. Other ingredients include non-GMO soy protein, Fiversols (a fiber that keeps you full without causing gas), Aminogen (for maximum protein absorption) and 23 vital vitamins and minerals. One Vi-shape mix provides a very low 225 calories, only 1g fat, 13g natural sugar, 205mg sodium, 9g fiber and 31g carbohydrates for a very low $2.5. These Vi shakes are free of gluten, lactose, caffeine and are diabetes friendly. According to customers’ Vi shape shake reviews and testimonials Vi shakes are the best in nutrition, price and taste. People allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts or wheat must consult their doctor before consumption of Vi shakes. In their Body by Vi kits they provide Vi shakes. They recommend that a shake every day will boost the consumer’s health to great extent.

Compensation Plan:
It costs just a mere $49 to become a basic level Visalus distributor. They also provide an Executive Success System (ESS) for $499, which provides access to all the rewards and benefits offered by the company, and another Executive Success System, accompanied by few free samples for $999. Affiliates are required to maintain a monthly autoship of $125 PQV (Personal Qualification Volume). As a Visalus affiliate, you are offered a thirty-day subscription to their Vi-net pro marketing system.

The Visalus compensation plan is a uni-level program. It provides eight different ways to earn money via First order bonus, direct sales commissions, weekly pool of enroller, fast start bonus, BMW car program, team bonus, leadership and ambassador bonus.

Visalus weight loss solutions are one of the most convenient ways of losing and if followed properly one will surely achieve his desired results. When it comes to marketing Visalus is a genuine mlm business and has been paying its distributors for a long time. This body by vi challenge has provided a money making opportunity to individuals from all walks of life.