Our First e-Commerce Website And Its Optimization

01 Jun

We are a small company in the web design business. We recently decided to jump into the ecommerce web design category. After doing search and research we found out that there are some points which may make even a good ecommerce web design fail in practicality. The client was open to suggestions and discussion hence we gave them our best design along with a list of other things that should be implemented.
Here are the points that should be kept in mind when creating an ecommerce website for selling products. I hope my experience will help you to know how to design ecommerce website. When I was in my company and working day in and day out there were a lot of information or incidents happened with me which am trying to write down here for your betterment.

Product Information

Many websites do not provide accurate and detailed product information. This is a very bad situation as this creates doubts and questions in the mind of the customer. If the customer does not have all the fact he/she may not purchase from that website and that is lost revenue for you. In this situation even a very good ecommerce web design cannot save you from losing revenue if you don’t know how to design ecommerce website.

Long Checkout Process

Once the customer goes to the checkout page you should keep it as short and simple as possible so that the customer cannot change his/her mind at the last time. It is also possible that if this process is too much confusing the customer may not buy at all. Shopping cart should be designed in a good way as well to attract customers.

Contact Information and Customer Support

The contact information for your website and customer support details should be easily available as this builds a trust factor in the customer.

Multiple Payment Options

Another point to consider is that when a customer is paying there should be many payment options. Even if a customer does not have a credit card he/she should be able to pay through bank account or debit card. Other options like PayPal can also be kept.

Site Search

Many customers know what they are looking for so, there should be a search option in your website which will enable such customers to get exactly what they are looking for. Rather than going through categories and filters this will be a much easier process for the consumers. If possible filters should be implemented in search results too.

Product Images

Since the customer cannot see the product physically in an online shop you should provide high resolution pictures of the product. Also there should be pictures taken and posted from multiple angles.

Store Policies

Store policies should be clearly depicted in the website so that the customers are aware of the terms and conditions. These practical problems were acknowledged by our client and they implemented all these in their website. Hope now with the help of my experience you know how to design ecommerce website.

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My Revelations about Online Business from Changing Companies

12 May

Past Experience

I used to work in an online ecommerce business company which also worked on ecommerce web design. The company was continuously suffering from finance problems and was not doing very good. There were frequent budget cutbacks and people kept on leaving. This created more problems as lack of manpower kept pushing back updates and maintenance of the website. The site neither had a blog neither followed high quality SEO protocols. I advised them to create a content division and make a blog but it was not done as they were on a tight budget. The internet connection was also cut down to save money but that made the website slower than before and that again resulted in fewer visitors. Ultimately there were a few months when salary was delayed and at that point I decided to leave the ecommerce development company.

Present Situation

I joined another company which again worked in the same vertical of ecommerce and ecommerce web design. I was hearing about this company from some time now due to its fast growth. One of my friend had left my previous company much earlier and joined this company which was in its early days at that time. He is the manager of the content division now and he gave me the opportunity to meet with the employers. Though my experience was not very high the company gave me a chance due the referral of my friend. All the rules and regulations are quite different here and are very strict. At first I had a hard time adjusting to the strictness but later on I understood the need for such strictness. After working there for six months now I have found out that to be successful in the online business you need work towards these following items. Thus I know a lot on how to design ecommerce website.

Know the technical aspects

Your site must be accessible to search engine crawlers. Even if you have great content in your site you site will not be discovered by people who are searching if your site is not optimized for accessibility. Online businesses must register with Webmaster Tools provided by Google which will help them to enforce techniques to improve the accessibility of their website. These will include using robots meta tags, sitemap submission, and avoiding duplicate content on your site. Speed of your website is another thing you should keep on the higher site if you want better results. So this one of the most interesting part in case you are thinking how to design ecommerce website.
Another interesting thing they did was they wrote a summary of each and every article they wrote and used them as meta descriptions. Content headlines were also optimized for keyword matching. Content is the key to good search engine rankings and this company had a separate content division who used to write quality content every day. This company also connected with Google+ to spread their presence. In terms of links they used only quality links and did not just include or allow all links. It is important to backlink such websites or articles which is relevant to your users. Linking articles which may not be related to your customers is not a good idea. This company also linked their pages and posts with Facebook which gave them many likes which in turn helped with their SEO efforts.


Despite having the same resources and type of business my last company was failing but the new one was growing. This situation highlighted me the benefits of abovementioned techniques to make a site popular. Their success in the online business also developed their ecommerce web design business and people were interested in working with us. If my previous company had implemented these techniques they may not have failed. I learned some important tricks from this company and hope to implement them if I ever go into online business. Thus I hope you will know understand how to design ecommerce website.

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How We Made Our Ecommerce Website Design Successful

01 May

Our web design company recently got a client who wanted us to make an ecommerce website. Our ecommerce web design experts went to work immediately. The managers like me started debating on what type of design we should choose. We started out by creating an outline for the site. This is important as the content that will be published should relate to the objectives of the website. We all came to a conclusion that the following should be there in a good ecommerce web design and also these will help you to understand how to design ecommerce website.


Content is the king now and every site should have a blog to publish content regularly. Interesting information can become a powerful tool to attract users and many of them will eventually buy from the eCommerce website design.


The information about the number of pages there will be in the website should be obtained as early as possible and all the pages should be linked to each other in the best possible way. Graphics and icon that represent the products best should be used to raise the attractiveness of the product. So if you are looking to know how to design ecommerce website then it is one of the best parts that you need to keep in mind for your betterment.


Ecommerce websites should be clean, simple, easily readable, and consistent. Since there will be many products it can easily confuse the consumer hence a clean design is the best way. This does not mean you will not suggest related products in the sidebar.


Moving through the website should be easy for the consumer otherwise they might feel it is complicated and leave the site. Always have back links to your homepage on every page.


Any ecommerce design site should be very credible. If this is not the case people will not feel safe buying from you. The website should be professional and inspire confidence. Contact information for your site and your customer support should be visible clearly. We followed all these abovementioned guidelines while making the website and it made our ecommerce web design successful. I would like to suggest all such companies who work on web design to follow these points. So when we finally got our projects done I knew if I did not know how to design ecommerce website then this project would not be a successful one/

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